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In the "olden days", if you needed something fast, you would buy from someone you knew from down the street - someone local. Those days are over. Today’s technological advances allow for high quality and extreme speed combined with significant cost savings if you choose the right vendor, no matter where in the world they are located.

For a combined 47 years, your friends at US Power & Environment and US Power Rental have been global leaders in new and used power systems and equipment. We are known for our personable, friendly, flexible and PROACTIVE approach to meeting your power generation requirements. Building our Minneapolis-based facility in 1980, we added 20,000 square feet in 1998 and are known for our sophisticated facility, streamlined processes, and large buying capacity. Doing business in over 145 countries, we make it a priority to accommodate the needs of our clients around the world and travel around the planet to meet face-to-face with buyers and sellers on multiple continents with different languages, cultures, and customs.

With paved, enclosed warehousing, shipping docs, overhead cranes, 8 fork lifts, and 15 trained professionals trained in customer service protocol geared toward our international clients like you, US Power is designed and managed to exceed your expectations when it comes to repairs, maintenance, used generator inventory, shipping, refueling or full turnkey installations - worldwide. In fact, we’re capable of shipping large units worldwide overnight… and we’ve done it!

US Power & Environment sells generator sets, Liebert air conditioners, PDUs, UPS's, raised flooring, and diesel generator parts internationally. HOWEVER, we also buy internationally! Our large volume buying capacity enables us to purchase single units up to multiple container loads. Find out more how to sell used diesel generators at US Power & Environement by calling us at 888-515-USPE today.

We know buying overseas can sometimes be challenging and uncomfortable. To protect your investment, we accept both wire transfers and letters of credit as forms of payment. For those on a budget, we diversify our inventory by offering some select used generators and standby power equipment on an “as is” basis for rock-bottom prices.

Call us at +1-888-515-USPE or send us your power requirements, and a US Power representative will contact you soon.

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