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Onsite Service & Repair

Your technicians at US Power & Environment do not sit in corner offices in the air conditioning while others do all the work. Our diesel technicians and engineers are very proud to roll up their sleeves and lead by example when it comes to absolutely any task, no matter how big or how small. Furthermore, exclusively Specializing in Power Generation, all of efforts are focused to ensure maximum asset life while minimizing asset expenses. In order to accomplish these objectives, US Power relies on a dynamic and competent technical personnel, professionally educated and formally trained in the last technologies in modern training centers and with state of the art tools, with access to US Power's world class parts inventory system and an appropriate and permanent supply of spare parts specifically ordered and stocked for your equipment. No one knows your diesel generators like US Power & Environment. Power is our Business.

Our repair facilities are equipped with the most modern tools and technologies required in order to diagnose and execute repairs to your equipment and maintain your equipment over the life of this important asset. Also, our traveling technicians and engineers have spare parts on hand, with tools, so that they can intervene on your sites and repair and maintain your equipment in the shortest possible time.

Service after the sale of your equipment is where US Power offer our clients the most value. After all, you may spend millions of dollars for your equipment initially, but this is often only a fraction of your total power generation equipment expenses over time. US Power & Environment specializes in helping our clients manage the service and maintenance of their equipment, whether planning for cessations or minimizing downtime due to repair interventions. Our teams on the ground are at your disposal to advise you in your asset management decisions.

Our service contracts are systematically accompanied by a program of regular oil analyses to discern and eliminate problems before worsening, allowing our clients to maximize the operational efficiency of their power generation equipment.

At US Power we offer an exclusive Service and Maintenance Guarantee that prioritizes our client's needs by ensuring the most professionally trained staff in the world will be onsite when you need us, 24/7, day or night, all year round. This guarantee also ensures that you have the highest trained, most advanced technicians assigned to your facilities. The US Power Service and Maintenance Guarantee is a industry first and an exclusive benefit to our premier clients.

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