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Risk assessments, risk reduction planning
and project safety initiatives and manuals allow US Power Service and Maintenance Teams to plan and implement safety programs for machine safeguarding applications to help reduce costs, improve compliance and enhance plant floor safety.

The implementation of a comprehensive machine safety program involves many disciplines. Only US Power & Environment has the entire spectrum covered. From the design and integration of safety critical procedural guidelines using the most advanced controls to the implementation of hard guarding. US Power has the experience necessary to fulfill all our client's safety requirements.

US Power's Machine Safety Program Services include:

  • Standards Training
  • Technician training on current standards and industry accepted interpretations.
  • Standards updates as necessary.
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction Planning
  • Coach/train Onsite Power Team Leaders through procedures of risk assessment.
  • Provide assistance with interpretation of standards and documentation of assessments.
  • Facilitate an iterative process of mitigating each identified hazard by redesign or additional measures.
  • Technical Specification Development
  • Assist in the development of a machine safety standard that addresses safety solutions for an entire company, facility or
  • Conformity Audits
  • Machine audits to verify and document compliance. A complete step-by-step assessment determines which standards are applicable and whether or not they have been satisfied.
  • Stop Time Measurements and Safety Distance Calculations
  • Assure compliancy of light curtain and area guarding Power Plant installations.
  • Including limited and sequential shutdown and applications.
  • Probability of Failure on Demand Calculations

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