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Terrorism, political unrest, insurgency and crime are worldwide problems that put international travelers, expatriates and global workforces at risk.

To help protect our Onsite Generator Teams and our clients'operations abroad, we have members of International SOS. This allows us ensure availability of holistic solutions to requirements for employee duty of care, security risk management and business continuity.

With SOS International's support, US Power & Environment's teams take advantage of SOS's traveler education and advice; emergency response planning and security evacuation; crisis management services; security consultancy; site management; staffing and training services.

In order to perform at our very best to take care of our clients Power Stations from the minute we leave the US, we take advantage of a range of SOS International services to safeguard our international service teams and expatriates. Here is an overview of how we are protected and supported at every stage of an international assignment.

Pre-travel Preparation
In the same way that proactive preventative maintenance is the key to optimizing asset life of power stations, preparation is the key to mitigating security risk. In this effort we receive and study comprehensive risk information and intelligence services (online guides, reports and alerts), plus 24/7 access to security specialists for additional pre-travel advice. Our Team Leader and his teams are supplied with specific security site surveys, crisis and emergency response planning and security training. This is absolutely key to ensuring the on-time, safe arrival and departure of every team member.

Assistance Abroad
While our generator technicians are abroad, our team members can be assured that 24/7 security assistance and advice are just a phone call away.

Emergency Help
In the worst case scenario, our client's will not have to pay for evacuation requirements. Our contracts with SOS allow for the evacuation of our generator technicians safely and securely from a crisis location. SOS deploys security teams on the ground which are backed up by integrated security, medical and aviation crisis centers that have unrivalled access to aircraft resources worldwide. As the leader in crisis evacuation services, SOS will ensure that our employees receive the best possible care, releasing our clients from this great burden.

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